Duplex iptv is the best iptv subscription

Watch the best channels and all your favorite movies in a package that contains more than 15,000 international channels

duplex iptv
duplex iptv

What is duplex iptv player

It is the best iptv player so far. It is the fastest and easiest application to run IPTV with high quality and without any interruption

It is also the best IPTV subscription provider that offers more than 15,000 international channels in all languages, with a package of more than 120,000 films and more than 30,000 films in all languages of the world.

Privacy and security

A reputable site for customer safety
In 2015, iptv duplex obtained the safest place in America

Strategy & Planning

We offer you the best prices where only $ 9.99 Enjoy all month without interruption

iptv duplex

money & refund

You have a 7-day guarantee to get a full refund and you have support throughout the subscription period

Security & privacy

Do not be afraid for your privacy, it is fully protected inside duplex iptv where we offer the best protection for customers

iptv duplex

delivery speed

You will receive your subscription in the shortest possible time as we have a support team waiting for your request


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Duplexplay is the best choice for you don't miss the chance

Duplex IPTV review advantages

Enjoy with unlimited access to the world of entertainment.





High Quality

Our subscription is available on all qualities and without cutting

Premium Channels

We have all paid channels to make you enjoy ONyour time without hassle

VODs & Series

We provide more than +120K VODs / +30K Series . moreover update daily to Movies 


We have afortable prices, sieze the chance and subscribe now! starting from 9.99$ per month

Become a seller and get a thousand dollars

We will explain to you everything you need to start selling IPTV subscriptions and provide you with a high-quality control panel

help your costumer

help your costumer

We will help you to fix all your problem 

first sale

first sale

After you start earning, we will provide you with a high-quality and full control 

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duplex iptv apk

How to buy from duplex iptv 💰

duplexiptv is easy to buy 
Step 1: Go to the top of iptv duplex PLAY and you will find a button called Pricing Click on it and it will take you to the pricing page
Choose the font you like, click on the buy now button, it will take you back to the product page. The second box, choose the type of application you are using, then click on Buy Now. If you are already a customer, type the old username and then click on Buy Now, you will be taken to the checkout page. Enter your information. Pay attention to the correct email account. There you will get your subscription, then click On plase order you will be transferred to the payment page, all you have to do is pay, then you will create your subscription and we will send it to you by email

The most frequently asked questions on Duplexplay

How to activate duplex iptv player ?

to activate duplex iptv player  You have to go to duplexplay.com and pay for activation. Read more about How to activate duplex iptv

how to download duplex iptv on samsung tv ?

The way to download Duplex iptv on Samsung TV is very easy. We will provide you with a link to download from the browser on the Samsung TV

how to download duplex iptv en roku ?

To download duplex iptv en roku you have to enter the downloader application and write the link that we will provide you with a link

How to get duplex iptv apk

You can contact us by email and we will provide you with duplex iptv apk

Countries that use Duplexplay the most

The countries that use the most duplex play in the world

The most used country for duplex iptv player is the United States of America
It was followed by the second most used country, and my father is Brazil
Then followed by Italy, followed by France, and there are many other countries, such as Spain and Germany